Insomnia Picture


You'll lose a lot of sleep. Ralph does. At first he finds it hard to drop off. Then he starts waking up earlier. And earlier. But that isn't when he starts seeing things. Colors, shapes, strange auras around his friends. Not to mention the bald doctors who always turn up at the scene of a death. The evil looking one clutching a rusty scalpel. All that comes later.

After Susan Edwina Day's visit to the town of Derry, Maine, is announced - when the once placid town starts to divide over women's issues. And the hitherto mild-mannered Ed Deepneau gets out of control - dangerously so.

That's when Ralph begins to lose a lot more than sleep. When he begins to understand why Ed is obsessed with the notion that Derry is becoming the new Armageddon. And to realise that time is ticking away for the residents of his home town.

An evil of unimaginable proportions has found a way in. And Ralph has one chance to beat it. In a card game. The stakes are high. They always are when you are playing for human souls. With a Joker in the pack... a bald one with a rusty scalpel...


1994 Viking


For Tabby and for Al Kooper, who knows the playing-field. No fault of mine


?, AliceLois Chasse was called "Alice" by Ralph Roberts in front of the CBS crews at the Derry Civic Centre
?, AliceMentioned in a song by Grace Slick
?, AudraSecretary of Dr Hong. She spoke to Joe Wyzer and got Ralph Roberts an appointment to see Dr Hong in October 1993. Appears to be Dating Joe Wyzer
?, Aunt SadieRalph Roberts imagined her calling someone when he saw the aura''s on the telephone lines for the first time
?, CurleyOne of the 3 stooges
?, DeanieName on the footpath. It said "Sam + Deanie"
?, DeniseMentioned in anti-abortion literature read by John Leydecker
?, JakeOwner of a battered saxophone in Atropos''s lair. It had his name on it in Rhinestones
?, JustinBoy who works weekends at the Derry Library
?, KarlWorked at the Red Apple convenience store
?, LarryOne of the 3 stooges
?, MelanieFriend of Helen Deepneau who worked as a bank teller
?, MerrileePregnant woman who died at High Ridge after being shot. Lay next to Gretchen Tillbury
?, MinaFriend of Lois Chasse
?, MoeOne of the 3 stooges
?, NortonLois Chasse called Ralph Roberts "Norton" in front of the CBS crews at the Derry Civic Centre
?, PatrickGrandfather of Patrick Danville
?, PetePaperboy
?, PeterSecurity guard at WomanCare
?, SadieAunt mentioned on the telephone
?, SamA mother was heard to yell out for Sam to come inside, and to bring his sister in too. Not sure if this is the same Sam who''s name was written on the ground
?, SamName on the footpath. It said "Sam + Deanie"
?, SueWorked at the Red Apple convenience store on Afternoon shift. She was there when Helen Deepneau came in after being beaten by her husband
?, SusyHer name was spray painted on the side of the Diesel Shed at the Derry Trainyards
?, TimA little boy that was walking with his mother. These 2 had the most beautiful aura''s Ralph Roberts had seen. Outside the Rite Aid pharmacy
?, VicBrother of Lois Chasse
?, ZoeWaitress at the Derry Diner. Member of the Friends of Life. Joined WomanCare''s followers in 1984. Put a child up for adoption in 1989
Ackerman, WilliamMusician mentioned in passing
Altoberg, ChrisWeather forecaster on TV for News at Noon
AmosOn the radio show "Amos and Andy"
Anderson, ?Husband of Rachel Anderson. He beat her often, and hard, until he disappeared in about 1985
Anderson, RachelCleaner at WomanCare. Heavy set woman who''s husband beat her until he went missing
Anderson, SteveAssistant District Attorney who interviewed Ralph Roberts after being attacked by Charles Pickering
Andrews SistersSingers mentioned in passing
AndyOn the radio show "Amos and Andy"
Animals, TheBand that was played by Ed Deepneau on the day he beat up his wife
Applebaum, ?Owner of a house on Harris Ave in 1998
Arnold, RosanneGuest on the TV show hosted by Whoopi
Astaire, FredDancer mentioned in passing
AtroposBald Doctor #3. The bad one who is the rogue agent of the random. He cut Ed Deepneau''s cord, and this let Deepneau come under the control of the Crimson King. He is Left handed and uses a rusty scalpel. Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse were caught in his lair, and Ralph cut off one of his ears
Bach, ?Composer mentioned in passing
Baggins, BilboFound a ring and gave it to his grandson Frodo
Baggins, FrodoGrandson of Bilbo
Bald Doctor 1Clotho. Partner of the Bald Doctor 2, Lachesis. They end life with purpose
Bald Doctor 2Lachesis. Partner of the Bald Doctor 1, Clotho. They end life with purpose
Bald Doctor 3Atropos. The agent of random
BarbiePart of the childrens classic Barbie and Ken
Barrett, ?Owner of an orchard that was converted into High Ridge in the early 1980's
Bates, NormanPsycho mentioned in passing
Beethoven, ?Composer mentioned in passing
Bennigan, HarrietOld woman in Derry who uses a walking frame. Makes 82 look young
Benson, LisetteTV News reader for News at Noon. Had a story on the altercation between the Friends of Life group and Pro-Choice group
Berkowitz, DavidMurderer known as the Son of Sam
Berlin, IrvingSongwriter mentioned in passing
BevisOf Bevis and Butt-Head fame
Bowe, RiddickBoxer mentioned in passing
Bowers, Oscar (Butch)Berta Roberts told her son Ralph to make sure Butch did not put any bad potato''s at the bottom of the basket
Boynton, TonyName written in graffiti in the male portosan in Strawford Park
Brolin, JamesActor mentioned in passing
Brown, CharlieCartoon Character
Buchanan, PatA poster for Pat as president was in the window of a store in Derry
Buck, FrankHero in old movies
Bundy, TedMurderer mentioned in passing
Bunyan, PaulThere is a plastic statue of him in Derry, outside the Civic Centre
Burdon, EricIn the Bold and the Beautiful movie on TV
Butt-HeadOf Bevis and Butt-Head fame
Caesar, AugustusMentioned in passing
Callan, MarieTold Lois Chasse about the demonstration at WomanCare where Ed Deemneau was arrested. Said the demonstration included rock throwing, and that''s why there were arrests
Captain AhabMentioned in passing
Casey, BenOn a TV show watched by Ralph Roberts
Castonguay, SimoneHer niece was Barbara Richards who worked at WomanCare as the day receptionist. Friend of Lois Chasse. She was brides maid of honor at the wedding of Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse on 2 January 1994
CenturionsCrimson King''s servants and helpers. This is also what the Friends of Life call their major enemies. All but 2 are female
Chapin, Lafayette (Faye)Friend of Ralph Roberts who used to be a carpenter up until he retired about 1983. Often played chess with Bill McGovern. Died of a heart attack in July 1995
Chasse, HaroldSon of Lois and Paul. He tried to get his mother to go into a retirement home in Bangor. Husband of Janet. A Lawyer who gave away his mother at her wedding to Ralph Roberts on 2 January 1994
Chasse, JanetWife of Harold. A real bitch that wanted to get Lois Chasse into the retirement home in Bangor. Had freckles, but covered them. She stole the earrings from Lois, and made it look like Lois lost them due to her bad memory
Chasse, LoisFriend of Ralph Roberts. 68 years old. She lived on Harris Ave, about half a block down from Ralph. She also suffered from Insomnia. Mother of Harold and wife of Paul. She also started to see the aura''s, and was to help save the life of Patrick Danville at any cost. She married Ralph on 2 January 1994
Chasse, PaulHusband of Lois. Died while at work on the railroad in about 1991. Had liver trouble
Cherney, PeteWeather man on TV seen by Ralph Roberts at 11:30pm
Cheshire CatFrom Alice in Wonderland
Christie, AgathaMystery author mentioned in passing
Chung, ConnieCBS reporter at the rally for Susan Day in Derry
Churchill, WinstonMentioned by Joe Wyzer. He was an Insomniac
Clinton, BillPresident followed by the Deepneau''s
ClothoBald doctor #1. Partner of the Bald Doctor 2, Lachesis. They end life with purpose. They altered Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse to be able to see the Aura''s and help to stop the actions of Atropos from altering the future
Cohen, ?Derry Mayor who is the second man to be on the Centurions list - the other is Ralph Roberts
Cook, RobinAuthor mentioned in passing
Cooper, GaryActor mentioned by Bill McGovern
Coughlin, FatherDerry Priest
Cox, DaleCounty Prosecutor mentioned in passing
Crane, IchabodMentioned in passing
Creed, Gage WilliamBoy run down by a speeding tanker in Ludlow. His sneaker was in Atropos''s lair
Creeley, RobertPoet who wrote "for Love, Poems 1950-1960" read by Dorrance Marstellar
Crimson King, TheEvil that jumps from body to body, and generation to generation according to Ed Deepneau. When Atropos cut Ed''s cord, he came under the control of the Crimson King. He is part of the Dark Tower, in the levels above mortals. Ralph Roberts sees him when he was in the plane trying to stop Ed Deepneau
Cruise, TomActor mentioned in passing
Crystal, BillyActor mentioned in passing
Cubbins, BartholomewCharacter in a Dr Seuss book called The Five hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Dahmer, JeffreyMurderer mentioned in passing
Dalton, DanielRuns the shop Secondhand Rose, Secondhand Clothes in Derry, and the head of "Friends of Life". Anti-abortionist. Arrested for the attack on WomanCare (For those who remember, this shop is where "Silver" was found in It)
Danville, ?Off the wagon after 6 months sober. A mean drunk who Patrick''s mother did not want to go home to
Danville, PatrickPlayed ball with his mother in Strawford Park. Named after his grandfather. Fell out of his crib at 8 months, and has a scar on his nose. He was saved first by Lois Chasse and Ralph Roberts at High Ridge. Ralph and Lois have to save his life at any costs. He draws pictures of The Dark Tower and Roland the gunslinger. He is destined to die at 22 years old, in 2011, just after saving 2 people
Danville, SoniaMother of Patrick, who played ball with her son in Strawford Park. She did not want to take him home as her husband was a mean drunk. She and her son were saved by Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse at the fire at High Ridge, and again at the WomanCare talk by Susan Day at the Civic Centre
Darrow, ClarenceMentioned in passing
Davenport, HamiltonProprietor of "Back Pages" store on the corner of Witcham and Main streets, Derry. He is a Pro-Choice follower, and was hit on the head by Dan Dalton at the WomanCare fight on 23rd of September 1993
Day, Susan EdwinaPolitical activist and author of "My Mothers Shadow" and "Lilies of the Valley". Co-founder and ex-president of the "sisters in arms", a womans equal rights group. She visits Derry, and causes problems as Ed Deepneau tries to kill her. She was decapitated by flying glass at the rally on 8 October 1993
Deepneau, ?Father of Ed Deepneau. He was foreman at a bottling plant in Plaster Rock, Pennsylvania
Deepneau, Edward (Ed)Neighbour of Ralph Roberts. Husband of Helen. Research chemist at Hawking Industries. He is a wife beater, and has a quick temper. He had an accident with a pickup truck near the airport, and attacked the other driver. Lived 4 doors from Ralph Roberts on Harris Ave. He then tries to kill Susan Day and others at the rally at the Derry Civic Centre. Ralph Roberts makes him fail, but he dies succeed in killing 71 people
Deepneau, Helen30 Year old wife of Edward, and mother of Natalie. Good friend of the Roberts family, helping out with Carolyn Roberts funeral arrangements. Severely beaten by her husband, and decides to leave him. Lived 4 doors from Ralph Roberts on Harris Ave. Has a Graduate degree in Library Science
Deepneau, NatalieDaughter of Ed and Helen Deepneau. Born 1992. Ralph Roberts saves her life in the first week of Aug 1998, and he dies in the process
DeMille, CecilMovie director
Deschain, RolandGunslinger drawn and described by Patrick Danville
Disney, WaltMentioned in passing
Dobyns, StephenAuthor of "Cemetery Nights", a book that Dorance Marstellar gave to Ralph Roberts
Douglas, KirkIn the Bold and the Beautiful movie on TV
DovelsBand liked by Ralph Roberts
Dubay, Steven BishoffOne of the 3 unnamed boys that threw Adrian Mellon to his death in the Derry Canal in 1984
Dugan, MrHead of Derry Trust''s Loan Department who once rejected a loan application by Ralph Roberts
Dukakis, ?Ran for president in 1988
Durgin, PaulDruggist at Rexall in Derry. Ralph Roberts did not want Paul to see him buying sleeping pills
Eastwood, ClintActor mentioned in passing
Eberly, GeorginaWife of Stan. Lived in Harris Ave, next door to May Locher
Eberly, StanWent to school with Ralph Roberts, Husband of Georgina. Told Bill McGovern that the demonstrators at WomanCare had maced 2 doctors. Had grey hair
Eichmann, AdolfFay Chapin called Harley Pederson Adolf Eichmann as an insult
Einstein, AlbertCharles Pickering looked like a cross between Don King and Albert Einstein when he attached Ralph Roberts in the Derry Library
Engstrom, CharlesChildhood friend of Ralph Roberts that liked looking up woman''s dresses
Executioner, TheCharacter in a Dr Seuss book called The Five hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Felton, FrankOne of the "Friends of Life" involved in the attack on High Ridge. He was killed in the process
Fitzgerald, F ScottAuthor mentioned in passing by Ralph Roberts
Foltleroy, Little LordMentioned in passing
Fonda, HenryActor mentioned in passing
Forbes, AnthonyHypnotist that Joe Wyzer suggested that Ralph Roberts go and see. Operates out of Hesser St, Derry
Foster, R HName on a card given to Ralph Roberts by Trigger Vachon. Supplied Wells & Dry-Walls
FrodoCharacter in a book by J R R Tolkien
FutzyCat of Bertha Roberts
GandalfCharacter in a book by J R R Tolkien
Garfunkel, ArtSimon and Garfunkel''s song "Scarborough Fair" was on the radio when Carolyn Roberts died at Derry Home Hospital
Garton, John WebberOne of the 3 unnamed boys that threw Adrian Mellon to his death in the Derry Canal in 1984
GeraldoTV Show Host
Gibson, MelActor mentioned in passing
Ginsberg, AllenPoet mentioned by Dorrance Marstellar
Goldberg, WhoopiTV Show host seen by Ralph Roberts on late night TV
Great Ones, ThePeople who''s lives will affect people on more than one level of the tower
GretelCharacter from a children''s story Hansel and Gretel
Hagen, DonnaDerry Police Officer that took the anonymous call when Ralph Roberts rung to report 2 strange people outside May Locher''s house on 4th October 1993
Hall, James AWrote a book "Patterns of Dreaming" that Ralph Roberts read in the Derry Library
Hall, JonHero in old movies
Halliday, JuneCounsellor and WomanCare director. Hated by Emma Wheaton
HamburgularMentioned in passing
Hamilton, DrDoctor at WomanCare
HamletCharacter in a play by Shakespeare
Hanlon, MikeLibrarian at Derry Public Library in the summer of 1993. He helped Ralph Roberts find some books on Sleep disorders. Gave Helen Deepneau a job at the children''s section of the library
Hanscom, BenjaminArchitect who designed the Derry Civic Centre. He grew up in Derry, but moved away
HanselCharacter from a children''s story Hansel and Gretel
Harper, Dr. RobertaWorks at WomanCare
Haycox, ErnestMentioned in passing
Hayman, HowardLawyer friend of John Leydecker that convinces the Great Eastern Insurance Company to pay out Ed Deepneau''s insurance policy worth $70,000
Henderson, RichardDid chores around Lois Chasse''s mothers place when Lois was 17. He was supposed to be liked by Lois, but she did not like him at all
HerodCharacter in the bible
Hitler, AdolphMentioned on a card by a pro-choice group
Holmes, SherlockMentioned in passing
Homer, WinslowArtist who''s prints hang in the Derry Home Hospital
Hong, James RoyAcupuncturist that Joe Wyzer suggested that Ralph Roberts go and see. Operates out of Kansas St, Derry
Hooker, John LeeSinger/songwriter that was played by Ed Deepneau on the day he beat up his wife
Hussein, SaddamMentioned in passing
Huston, MrButcher in Derry
JackCharacter from the children''s book Jack and the beanstalk
Jack the RipperEnglish murderer mentioned in passing
Jackson, MichaelSinger mentioned in passing
Jamal, DrNeurologist at Derry Hospital. He left there in April 1993 and established a practice in Westport in Southern Connecticut. He treated Carolyn Roberts after her seizure in July 1992
Jefferson AirplaneBand that was played by Ed Deepneau on the day he beat up his wife
JesusMentioned in passing
Jetson, GeorgeCartoon Character mentioned in passing
JobCharacter in the Bible
Johnson, ?Police Chief in Derry. He turned down a request for someone to watch out for Ralph Roberts after he was attacked by Charles Pickering
Johnson, LyndonPresident of the USA in the past
JonahSwallowed by a whale
Joubert, RayMurderer mentioned in passing
Kaltenborn, H VSinger mentioned in passing
KenPart of the children''s classic Barbie and Ken
Kennedy, RobertAssassinated in LA. On 5 June 1958
Kern, JeromeSongwriter mentioned in passing
Kevorkian, DrHe believes in mercy killing, and the right to die
Kildare, DrOn a TV show watched by Ralph Roberts
King ArthurMentioned in passing
King HerodMentioned by Ed Deepneau
King, DonCharles Pickering looked like a cross between Don King and Albert Einstein when he attached Ralph Roberts in the Derry Library
King, TheCharacter in a Dr Seuss book called The Five hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Kirkland, JohnWomanCare reporter on TV News at Noon. He reported live on the damage done during the fight between the protesters, and later about the preparations for the Susan Day speech in Derry
L'Amour, LouisMentioned in passing
LachesisBald doctor #2 Partner of the Bald Doctor 1, Clotho. They end life with purpose. They altered Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse to be able to see the Aura''s and help to stop the actions of Atropos from altering the future
Land, EdwinMentioned by John Leydecker
Lecter, HannibalMentioned in passing
Lennon, JohnEd Deepneau wore "John Lennon Specs"
Leno, JayTV Show host seen by Ralph Roberts on late night TV
Leonard, ElmoreAuthor mentioned in passing
Lewis, JerryComedian mentioned in passing
Leydecker, ?Mother of John. Deeply catholic
Leydecker, John (Jack)Detective Sergeant that arrested Ed Deepneau after he punched up his wife Helen. Partner of Chris Nell, and he told Ralph Roberts about an insomnia cure using Honeycomb. Major investigator at all of the WomanCare problems. Best man at Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse''s wedding on 2 January 1994
Litchfield, CarlRalph and Carolyn Roberts doctor. About 35 years old. He mis-diagnosed her tumor as tension headaches. He rang up Harold Chasse when Lois Chasse came to see him, and gave out confidential details
Locher, MayOld woman suffering from Textile Lung. She worked for 20 years in the Die House at a mill in Corinna, and 20 years working the picker at a mill in Newport. She now uses 2 oxygen cylinders a week. Married name of May Perrault, and went to school with Bill McGovern. Lives half a block down the block from Ralph Roberts on Harris Street. Di+C4206ed 4 Oct 1993 after being visited by Bald Doctors
Lopez, RuyFaye Chapin thinks he is the reincarnation of Ruy Lopez
Lugosi, RalphActor in a vampire movie
Lupino, IdaMovie director from the 1950''s
Lyford, GeorgeAccountant (CPA) that had a store on Harris Ave in Derry. Next to Maritime Jewelry
Marstellar, DorranceOldest of the "Harris Avenue Old Crocks" at about 90 years old. Read "Buckdancers Choice", and saw the accident between Ed Deepneau and John Tandy near the airport in July 1992
Martin, DeanComedian mentioned in passing
Marx, GrouchoFunny man mentioned in passing
Matthews, TomDerry News photographer who got a picture of Esther Perrine to go with her story of Ralph Roberts death
McCheese, MayorMentioned in passing
McClanahan, BobSports reporter on TV for News at Noon
McClure, ShawnaOffered Ralph Roberts an insomnia cure by concentrating on the word "cool"
McDonald, RonaldMentioned in passing
McGee, FibberRadio program host
McGovern, William D (Bill, Professor)Gay friend of Ralph Roberts. Shared the house with Ralph and Carolyn Roberts - he lived downstairs and they lived upstairs. Died of a heart attack while visiting friends at Derry Home Hospital on 5 October 1993. He suggested an insomnia cure using Whiskey and Honey
McKay, SandraOne of the "Friends of Life", but later kicked out of the group. 300 Pounds, acne and wears thick glasses
Mellon, AdrianGay boy thrown into the Derry canal by 3 people in 1984, after the Canal Day Festival. Died
Miller, GlennSongwriter mentioned in passing
Monroe, MarilynActress mentioned in passing
Moon, VickyOwner of tanning salon
Morrison, ?New paperboy
Mulhare, DocRetired Vet in Derry. Often played chess with Ralph Roberts
Murphy, AudieActor mentioned in passing
Murray, ArthurArthur Murray learn to dance instructions were mentioned in passing
NapoleonMentioned by Joe Wyzer
Nell, AloysiusRetired Cop from Derry. Grandfather of Chris Nell
Nell, ChrisPolice Officer and partner of John Leydecker, and Grandson of Aloysius. He arrested Ed Deepneau after he beat up his wife Helen. Was shot in the neck and killed in the attack on High Ridge
Newton, WayneSung "Dunke Shoen", which was on after Simon and Garfunkel''s song "Scarborough Fair" on the radio when Carolyn Roberts died at Derry Home Hospital
Norris, ChuckActor mentioned in passing
Noyes, AlfredPoet liked by Carolyn Roberts. Write "The Highwayman"
OnanCharacter in the bible
PallasA bust of Pallas was in a dream of Ralph Roberts
Pan, PeterCharacter from the children''s story Peter Pan
Pedersen, ?Wife of Harley Pedersen. She died during Childbirth in 1946
Pedersen, HarleyOld guy in Derry who had a fight with Faye Chapin over abortion. His wife died during birth of their second daughter. Very anti-abortion
Perot, RossPresidental candidate that lost to Clinton
Perrault, LarryYounger brother of May Perrault. Lives in Cardville
Perrault, MayMaiden name of May Locher
Perrine, EstherOld lady in the same street as Ralph Roberts. 82 years old. Offered to mend Ralph Roberts torn shirt. Ralph sucked some of her energy up as a test. Quoted in the Derry News about Ralph''s death
Petrowsky, MaggiePart of WomanCare, and partly in charge since Gretchen Tillsbury died
Pickard, DrDerry doctor who replaced Dr Litchfield
Pickering, Charles HMember of "Daily Bread" Right to life group. He attempted to burn down WomanCare at Christmas 1992 and was committed to Juniper Hill for 6 months. "Stabbed" Ralph Roberts in the library on 3rd of October 1993. Put in a coma by Ralph Roberts when he attacked High Ridge on 8 October 1993
Plum, MrNickname for the man who was talking to Bill McGovern in Derry Home Hospital when Bill Died. Had a Plum colored aura
Polaroid, RichardMentioned by John Leydecker
Polhurst, BobHired Bill McGovern as a teacher. Dying of Pneumonia. He wrote "Later That Summer"n an excellent Civil War history book, but it was never published. Started showing signs of Alzheimers in 1988. Head of History Department at Derry High from 1948 to 1981
Polhurst, DeniseNiece of Bob Polhurst that will send him to hospital, and wanted him to die quickly
Pope, TheMentioned in passing
Powers, Governor GretaAugusta Governor mentioned as possibly using cocaine as a grad student
Rapaport, MrsOffered Ralph Roberts an insomnia cure using lemon and hot water
Rather, DanWorks with Connie Chung on TV
Red King, TheIn Dark Tower, The. Possibly the same as the Crimson King
Redbone, LeonName that Ralph Roberts mentions as his own during one of his jokes when he missed an entire night''s sleep
Rembrandt, ?Painter mentioned in passing
RexDog of Ralph Roberts who liked to ride with his head out the car window
Richards, Barbara35 year old niece of Simone Castunguay. Worked as a day receptionist in WomanCare. She was interviewed over the attack by Friends of Life
Rivers, AnneReporter on TV that interviewed Ed Deepneau and Daniel Dalton for News at Noon
Robbins, TomAuthor of "Even Cowgirls get the Blues", which was read by Ed Deepneau
Roberts, BerthaMother of Ralph. Died of lung cancer on 7 June 1958. The Crimson King came to Ralph in the plane looking like his mother
Roberts, CarolynWife of Ralph Roberts. Died of a brain tumour at 64 years old that was initially diagnosed as tension headaches. Died in March 1993. Married name of Carolyn Satterwaite
Roberts, JohnOlder brother of Ralph. Died of a heart attack in 1987
Roberts, LoisMarried name of Lois Chasse. Second wife of Ralph Roberts
Roberts, RalphInsomniac husband of Carolyn. He was addicted to cough syrup when he was 43. He starts loosing sleep each night soon after his wife dies. Retired from printshop where he was bookkeeper and general supervisor. He starts seeing Aura''s, and works with Lois Chasse to stop Patrick Danville from being killed at the Susan Day speech. Died saving the life of Natalie Deepneau in August 1998
Rogers, GingerDancer mentioned in passing
Rogers, WillMentioned in passing
Rolling StonesMentioned by Ed Deepneau
RosalieThe black and tan beagle pup given to Ralph Roberts from Lois Roberts for Christmas 1994
RosalieStray Dog with a bad leg that is often seen in the early hours of the morning by Ralph Roberts. Killed by Atropos, and Joe Wyzer hits her in his car
Rosenberg, MichaelCBS Cameraman with Connie Chung at the Derry Civic Centre
Rude DogTV character mentioned in passing
Sales, SoupyFaye Chapin plays chess like Soupy Sales
Salterwaite, CarolynMaiden name of Carolyn Roberts
Sanders, GeorgeActor that is good at playing psychopath''s
Satterwaite, ?Sister of Carolyn Satterwaite
SauronCharacter in a book by J R R Tolkien
Sawyer, TomMentioned in passing
Schwarzenegger, ArnoldAction movie actor
Scrooge, EbenezerMentioned in passing
Segal, StevenAction movie hero
Seuss, DrChildren''s story author that wrote The Five hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Shaara, MichaelWrote "Killer Angels", a book on the civil war
Shakespeare, WilliamPlaywrite mentioned in passing
Shirer, ?Wrote "Rise and fall of the Third Reicht", a book read by Ralph Roberts while waiting for his wife Carolyn to die in Derry Home Hospital
Shoemaker, ?Husband of Candy Shoemaker. Looked after Helen Deepneau''s house while she went to High Ridge
Shoemaker, CandyFriend of Helen Deepneau. Looked after Natalie while Helen was in hospital. Lived on Kansas St, and her husband looked after Helen''s house while she was at High Ridge
Short TimersName used for mortals by the Bald Doctors. We inhabit the lower 2 floors of the Dark Tower
Simon, PaulSimon and Garfunkel''s song "Scarborough Fair" was on the radio when Carolyn Roberts died at Derry Home Hospital
Sir LancelotMentioned in passing
Slick, GraceSinger/songwriter that was played by Ed Deepneau on the day he beat up his wife
Smith, Margaret ChaseCharles Pickering thought she was a Russian spy in the 1960''s
SnoopyCartoon character
Son of SamMurderer who''s real name is David Berkowitz
Spague, DuffyBarber in Derry. Sometimes people play chess in the back of his shop if it gets too cold or hot
Sparkmeyer, LennieEx Boyfriend of Barbara Richards in College
Stalin, ?Mentioned on a card by a pro-choice group
Stallone, SylvesterAction movie actor
Steadman, ?Judge that set bail for Charlie Pickering at $80,000, which was posted by Ed Deepneau
Sullivan, John LBoxer mentioned in passing
Sullivan, PetePaperboy that delivered the paper to Ralph Roberts. Rode a Raleigh bike. Hired to put the storm windows on May Locher''s place. He was the one that hit and killed Ralph Roberts in August 1998
Tandy, GeorgeDerry Counsellor who partitioned the council to change the zoning to force WomanCare to move out of town
Tandy, JohnHad a car accident with Ed Deepneau. Big man that drove a blue Ford pickup. Had an OUI in winter of 1991 and on a provisional license. He was slapped by Ed, and ordered to open the containers carrying fertiliser he had in the back of his pickup
Therriault, BobbyTold Ralph Roberts about catfish barbs causing paralysis as a child
Tillbury, ?Husband of Gretchen Tillbury. He attacked her and cut her leg severely with a kitchen knife in 1978
Tillbury, GretchenAn attractive 6 foot tall blond WomanCare counsellor that spoke to Helen Deepneau about her options while in hospital. Abused by her husband, she was cut severely on her left leg by a kitchen knife, and a neighbour saved her from bleeding to death. Was shot and killed in the attack on High Ridge
Tolkien, J R RAuthor of fantasy books
Travolta, JohnActor mentioned in passing
Turner, LanaIn the Bold and the Beautiful movie on TV
Tyson, MikeBoxer mentioned in passing
Unwin, Christopher PhillipOne of the 3 unnamed boys that threw Adrian Mellon to his death in the Derry Canal in 1984
Utterback, SteveDerry Police Detective in charge of the investigation into May Locher''s death
Vachon, MarcelOlder Brother of Trigger Vachon. Lived in Old Cape and had a scarf the same as Ed Deepneau. He told Trigger what the symbol stood for. Fought in the Pacific in the last year of the war
Vachon, TriggerWorked for Derry Dry Cleaners, but had his employment terminated. Started working for Hospital Parking Garage in April 1993. He gave Ralph Roberts a lift home after the accident between Ed Deepneau and John Tandy. Lived in Old Cape. Suggested that Ralph try Camomile Tea as a cure for Insomnia
Van Damme, Jean-ClaudeAction movie actor
Vandermeer, ?Wife of Jimmy. She used to play poker with Lois Chasse until she died of a heart attack
Vandermeer, JimmyOld bloke with ling cancer in Derry. Sold Greeting Cards and Candy. Used to travel around with Ralph Roberts before Ralph got a desk job. Died while Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse watched
Veazie, DonFriend of Ralph Roberts that sometimes played chess out on the extension
Warper, Dr RobertaChief Administrator of WomanCare. She was there during the attack by the Friends of Life. Introduced Susan Day at the Civic Centre
Washington, GeorgeUSA president
Wayne, JohnActor mentioned in passing
Weatherbee, ?Mother of Billy Weatherbee. He died screaming for her
Weatherbee, BillyWore a Boston Bruins Cap, and fell down a cellar hone. Died screaming for his mother. His cap was in Atropos''s lair
WendyCharacter from a childrens story - Peter Pan
Wheaton, EmmaDerry Counsellor who partitioned the council to change the zoning to force WomanCare to move out of town
Whitman, WaltPoet read by Dorrance Marstellar
Who, TheBand that was played by Ed Deepneau on the day he beat up his wife
Wilbert, ?Wife of David Wilbert. Worked as a secretary at Derry Real Estate office
Wilbert, DavidDerry cop who thought his wife was having an affair with her boss at the Real Estate office
Willkie, ?A political button with his name was worn by Bertha Roberts when Ralph saw her in the Plane
Winfrey, OprahTV Show Host
Winston SmithCat in "Back Pages" shop. Owned by Hamilton Davinport. Grey Tomcat
Wren, ThomasKidney patient in room 310 of Derry Home Hospital
Wyzer, ?Wife of Joe Wyzer. Divorced in 1983
Wyzer, JoeWorks at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Derry. An insomniac since the age of 13, he helps Ralph Roberts get in to see Dr Hong. Dating Dr Hong''s secretary Audra. Did 2 papers on the link between sleep disorders and dreams in college. His car hit and killed Rosalie
YorickCharacter in a play by Shakespeare
Zell, FredHusband of Lisa. Played cards with the Eberly''s
Zell, LisaWife of Fred. Played Cards with the Eberly''s